Cycle 02 Sign Up Post

Welcome to cycle 02 sign ups! We are starting these fairly early, and we are unsure of when the cycle will actually start. If you are unsure if you are able to participate, you still have a lot of time to decide.

Once you sign up, you are free to drop out until the first theme has been announced. After that, you are going to be forced to withdraw. There's no consequences for that; you just cannot rejoin when the Comeback Challenge occurs.

This is the format I want you to sign up:
Username (If you have an icon journal you might submit under, leave that here too):
Top Three Characters:

So your sign-up comment will look like:
Username: ozette
Top Three Characters:
1. Darunia
2. Ruto
3. Impa

The reason there are three characters listed is because if your first choice was taken, you will be stuck with your second. If your second choice is taken, you are given your third. These are on a first-come, first-serve basis so if you are considering signing up, do so right away. You can always withdraw. Also, you may not tell anyone which character you are playing as until you are eliminated.

Sign up on this post and only this post. All icon makers are encouraged to apply, whether you're a beginner or an expert and regardless of your style!

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Cycle 01, Challenge 11, Voting

I hate to say it but the follow participant has been eliminated for not submitting:

This is our final week, everyone! In voting, please only pick your favorite icon; you don't have to say why you like it/why you're voting for it, but you are welcome to add your own little commentary if you desire. You are also able to comment on the other icon, but not give out points.

If you are Romani or Navi, please do not vote, but you are welcome to give your opinion on your opponent's icon.

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Thank you to everyone who participated.

Cycle 01, Challenge 11, Submission Post

This week's theme is nature's basic elements. You must somehow incorporate one of nature's elements into your icon whether you choose wind, fire, water, or earth. Only one is allowed per icon. Your icon doesn't need to visibly represent the element. For example, you can icon Link in the water temple, and that represents the element water.

In addition to this, you are not allowed to submit an icon of Farore, Din, or Nayru to represent any of these elements.

Please submit your icons to this post by Saturday, February 2.
Element you chose:


Everyone submitted for this week.

Participants, does anyone plan on changing their submission or anything similar, or am I free to put up voting a little early?

Cycle 01, Challenge 10, Submission Post

This week's theme is a provided image - this one, specifically (about 400 KB; imp Midna riding wolf Link). You must use that image only, but otherwise, that's all there is to it.

Please submit in the following format:
Character: Superegg (or the one you play as, but I'm hoping you know that by now)

Upload your icon to TinyPic and submit with that URL. We've always been reuploading submissions to a "neutral" image hosting site to preserve anonymity, but now we're making you do that step for us. ;D

Icons are due Saturday, January 19 at four PM EST. Have fun!