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a b o u t

Welcome to Zelda LIMS. This LIMS contest works like all other LIMS, but this one's subject is only the Legend of Zelda series, whether it's video games, the cartoon, or anything else you can think of. At the beginning, a number of iconists will make icons according to a certain theme assigned. Each week, a certain number of participants will be eliminated from the contest and can no longer participate. At the end, only one iconist will be the winner. The prizes, as of now, are not yet determined. I can't really offer much outside of graphics like icons or a layout for anything you choose, but hopefully this won't affect anyone's choice to participate in this fun challenge!
r u l e s

01. Each week a new theme will be assigned, whether it's a specific saying, image, or just a word that you may interpret. You are required to submit an icon using that theme as a guideline. If you fail to submit your icon, you will be eliminated from the challenge after you use your skip.

02. You are given only one skip. I know that things will suddenly come up at the last minute so it would be useful to you to keep your skip only for emergencies. Otherwise, you must leave me a comment telling me you will not be here next week, and I will give you the theme in advance. I can't really do much with keeping you in the competition if you have a family emergency because the voting post will be put up shortly after the deadline.

03. The icons for this competition must be new. I must not have seen them before. You also cannot post them anywhere until the entire competition is over or you have been eliminated. They also must be made by you.

04. A main focus of this community is the critiques. Each voting post, you will be asked to explain why you don't like an icon. I don't want short one-worded critiques. Please have them a little more descriptive. These are examples of ones I will NOT accept:
"I just don't like it."
"I dunno; I hate that icon style."

Explain WHY you don't like it, or explain why you don't like that icon style on that particular icon. Your vote will not be counted if you make a critique like those.

05. You are not allowed to give out your identity until you are eliminated.

i n f o r m a t i o n

01. Sign ups for round one are now open. Please refer to the sign-up post for more information.

02. You submit your icon as so:


03. Remember that you will be making critiques on the icons you don't like. You are not required to critique the icons you vote for as your favorites, but you are always encouraged to.

04. Each vote as a favorite awards the maker +3 points. Each vote as a least favorite gives the maker -1 point. The icons that have the least amount of points will be eliminated.

a f f i l i a t e s